Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Do Gooder

The other day I posted a link to Save the Children. They collect handmade baby hats to distribute around the world to babies who might otherwise die without a sweet hat to keep them warm. I mailed two hats made from yarn that I had already.   

However, I have been trying to organize some of my yarn and get rid of some of the scraps and left overs and stuff that I got on clearance, etc. (I would like to put a baby in that spare room some day, but it's full of yarn and fabric and random things.)  And while I know how lucky we are here in America and I am glad to give to people around the world, there still remains the fact that there are those in our own communities that could benefit from our generosity.  I'm AM NOT a firm believer in the philosophy that poor people are just lazy, especially when there is a recession going on. There is an organization right here in OKC that collects clothes up to 6T, diapers, toys, formula, etc. called Infant Crisis Services, Inc.  Visit for a complete list of needed items.  I also like to go to Target when I have a little extra cash, which isn't very often, unfortunately, and buy infant and toddler clothes on clearance to add to my bag of donation goodies.

  What is your favorite charitable organization?

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