Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I've Been Watching Hoarders Again

It seems that I am about one tragedy away from becoming a hoarder.  I'm evaluating my own attitude towards cleaning and why I hate it.  Because, actually I don't hate it while I'm doing it, just before.  And then I really enjoy have things cleaned and straightened up.  

Here's the thing though.  I have a whole bedroom that is supposed to be Linus's room, but it's still got this big pile of fabric and yarn and patterns in it.  Oh, yeah, and I'm growing some lavender up there.  But what am I supposed to do with that pile of crap?  It's overwhelming. It really is. But, I'm working on it. 

I hate to clean because I don't think I have a good example to go by.  And I didn't have good teachers about this sort of thing.  No joy, no patience, just someone else's version of perfect.  I rebelled and kept my room messy, as Molly is doing now.  I learned  to hide everything out of sight, tucked away, bursting at the seams, always threatening to tumble out, to expose me for who I really am.

And this is who I am:

Messy, lazy, incompetent,  unable to carry out simple instructions.

Except that wasn't who I was at all.  It's not who I am.  It's someone else's version of me.  The world made sense to someone else if I exhibited those qualities.  Everything had to be a struggle, a battle, a challenge--one that I could never win anyway.  And rightfully so. 

I want my house to be clean.  I want curtains.  I want Linus to have his own room.  But it is just such a struggle inside.  

Overwhelmed by all the cords attached, I think, to this laptop.  Overwhelmed by the bags of yarn tucked into shelves, the dust coated typewriters(that aren't mine-see I'm doing it too-blaming), the shredded cheese dropped on the floor.  Overwhelmed by the very idea that I could be something other than what I once chose to be.  

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Few Cute Pictures!

Linus officially rolled over on Monday evening.  He seemed a bit surprised.  He can now sleep on his belly!  Here's a few pictures I've been taking:

We joined the Y and Molly has been wearing her swim suit around the house ever since.


Monday, March 12, 2012

I'm A Slut!

I finally know what I want to say about Rush Limbaugh.  He needs to learn his terminology. Sluts do it for free. Prostitutes charge a fee. Perverts like to watch the video tape. 

I always try to err on the side of the First Amendment, so I'm not calling for him to be taken off the air.  But I will exercise my own First Amendment right to free speech and say that I think Rush Limbaugh should be nominated Biggest Douche Bag In The Universe, formally held by that psychic guy on South Park, who kept going around saying, "I'm not a douche!"

It is Spring Break over here in Heather's Knitting Land.  I'm trying to keep Molly busy so she doesn't watch too much tv.  Today it was McDonald's and the library. And tv. XD  Tomorrow we are cleaning her room.  I'm sure it will be a day filled with whining.  But, at least I'm not an asshole like Rush Limbaugh. ;)

My boy has gotten so big.  He's already strong enough to kick Rush Limbaugh's ass.  Rush would probably just get all sweaty and pass out if he tried to fight anyone anyway.  Ha!  

Okay, enough with the mean spirited humor directed at the least humorous "comedian" ever to walk the earth. ;)

Back Soon!

Monday, March 5, 2012

I Knew I Would Pay Heavily for That One Little Date Night

Poor Sleeping Beauty got his urinary tract blocked off somehow.  I finally realized it was serious (after about two weeks) on Friday.  His poor bladder swelled up to the size of, I think she said, a grape fruit.  So anyway, two nights at the vet and eight hundred dollars later, the poor boy is doing much better.   I can't get him to take his medicine though.  Apparently they don't like the liquid.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that he doesn't do it again.

I bet you can find several blog posts where I wrote these words, but I have some ideas for etsy!  If only I can focus!  I keep getting page views on the bath mat, so I'm going to try and get a couple made.  I know how to make flowers and such now.  :0)

Well, it is time to knit and clean.  We'll see which order.