Thursday, October 21, 2010

Real Sugar!

   Yesterday at Target, I let Molly carry the two liter bottle of Sierra Mist that we were buying.  The next thing I know, I have soda pop all over my foot and I'm watching a wave of it hit the doors to the refrigerated case where they keep the cheese.  She's getting so big and strong, you'd think she could carry a two liter bottle.  Embarrassing.  :D!  Yay!  

  I got a book at the library on marketing.  In my first year of business I have learned a lot.  I'm kind of excited, but I have lots left to learn, especially about time management. (Damn Facebook!)  I'm going to get a business plan together for next year.  After Molly starts Kindergarten next year, when she'll be gone all day, I'll be unstoppable!  Unless I get pregnant again! Ahh!

  Here's a picture of Molly with her new baby cousin taken Tuesday.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bug Hotel

 Mike and Molly made a bug motel from a kit they found at Lowe's.  Or Home Depot.  I can never remember which one. We've gone to both a lot since we bought the money pit. :0)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Break

Molly is on her two week fall break, and Mike took off work last week.  I decided to take a bit of a break as well.   I laid around watching Monk on Netflix a lot.  I have to say that the series ended very nicely.  I cried.  October is turning out to be quite a busy month.  Molly will have a new cousin within the next few hours.  We have two birthday parties to go to this Saturday.  Mike did some work on the bathroom in the back bedroom.  And of course, Halloween is coming. 

The first bathroom picture is from when we bought the place.  The second is from today. The tile took the most time.  It's obviously not finished yet, but the water is hooked up again and that's the important thing.  :)  It's also so much more spacious.  Two people can actually go in there when the door is open instead of just half a person.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Do Gooder

The other day I posted a link to Save the Children. They collect handmade baby hats to distribute around the world to babies who might otherwise die without a sweet hat to keep them warm. I mailed two hats made from yarn that I had already.   

However, I have been trying to organize some of my yarn and get rid of some of the scraps and left overs and stuff that I got on clearance, etc. (I would like to put a baby in that spare room some day, but it's full of yarn and fabric and random things.)  And while I know how lucky we are here in America and I am glad to give to people around the world, there still remains the fact that there are those in our own communities that could benefit from our generosity.  I'm AM NOT a firm believer in the philosophy that poor people are just lazy, especially when there is a recession going on. There is an organization right here in OKC that collects clothes up to 6T, diapers, toys, formula, etc. called Infant Crisis Services, Inc.  Visit for a complete list of needed items.  I also like to go to Target when I have a little extra cash, which isn't very often, unfortunately, and buy infant and toddler clothes on clearance to add to my bag of donation goodies.

  What is your favorite charitable organization?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Etsy Stuff

I added  a few things up on etsy that I made awhile ago. I think my pictures are getting a lot better.  Maybe.  :0)