Friday, May 21, 2010

Vacation Time

My friend Jennifer said that I shouldn't censor myself because I'm awesome.  I have to say that I do agree with the awesome part.  I made the best curry tonight.  Actually, I think you could shake a random spice into some coconut milk and it would be awesome.  Like me.  :)  Happy face, happy face, happy face! 
Mike is taking off this coming week.  From tomorrow until Memorial Day, he won't have to got to work. I decided to take off as well.  Don't worry! I always have plenty of work to do anyway!  :)  
I'll be back on Tuesday, June 1st, unless a tornado carries me away or I get hit in the head with a huge ass piece of hail.  Yay!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I am already tired of the spring weather.  Sunday we were attacked by a hail storm that bordered more on hail-a-geddon. Very scary for a about five minutes.  The internet got turned back on today as the hail actually knocked the cable loose.  The roof will have to be replaced.  The siding will be replaced.  Most the back windshield of my car is now in the shop vac.  Worst of all, my garden.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Garden II

I finally ventured out of the house this evening and got a few pictures.  My green beans and potatoes have really taken off.  I'm kind of proud.  I was worried that I over watered, but it seems they are doing just fine. I also took a picture of the neighbors tree.  It smells so lovely.  And then there is my basil plant, which also smells lovely.   :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Didn't Make It Outside With The Camera

I didn't get pictures of the garden done.  I apologize.  Oy.  Feeling about a bit discouraged right now, although, I didn't have too bad of a day.  Hmm. Perhaps I just need sleep.  :)

A Blanket I Made For A Friend's Baby

I'm still trying to figure out my picture taking.  This really was the best picture, and now I can't take anymore, because I gave it to said baby already.  Late in getting the picture up.  
No tornadoes in the this part of the state today, but I don't think the rest of the week is looking too good. :(
Hopefully my garden will survive the weather.  I'm very proud of my garden.  It's growing very well.  The potatoes have gotten so big. I'll get some good pics up tomorrow. 
Will Forte was on David Letterman, and I saw a clip of MacGruber. I want to see it.  Yay!

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Day After Mother's Day!

So, after the trauma and drama of yesterday, today, Molly and I went out to the garage and hid in the closet under the stairs. We were never in any danger, it seems now, but the Effing tornado siren went off a total of FOUR times.

I remember a long time ago, when I was young, I never really paid much attention to spring weather, well except for that year of the mile wide tornado, also known as the May 3rd. Ever since I had Molly, I'm a nervous wreck about it. This time though I had to find my inner calm because Molly kept getting upset about her Mrs. Goodbee doll house, and could she take it with us. Somehow, both pairs of her flip flops ended up on the garage floor and I ended up with a plastic motorcycle in my apron pocket.

Once Mike got home and climbed into the closet with us, everything seemed okay again.

Mother's Day!

I decided to take the week off blogging last week in honor of Mother's Day.  The fates paid me back with the most traumatic Mother's Day I've ever experienced.  

Molly woke me up with "Happy Mother's Day" and a kiss.  She and her father made a card for me. It was off to a good start, and then Mike started making waffles.  When he decided to put the step stool away, Molly's finger got stuck, as he folded it up.  She screamed while my heart tore in half, and while Mike tried to figure out where her finger was. When her hand was free, I picked her up and took her to the couch. Mike went in search of Bandaids , etc. 

I remember a wet wash rag and cleaning blood off her hands, and the tears.  I remember looking at the cut near her fingernail while she sat on my lap.  I remember Mike putting peroxide on the wound with a Q-tip.  I remember saying, "I think I'm going to be sick."

The next thing I remember is sitting up and realizing Molly was on Mike's lap.  I stood up and said, "Oh, I peed my pants."  Then I got dizzy and Mike told me to sit down. Then he commented on how pale I looked.

I have passed out before, but never because of someone else's finger wounds, only because of my own.  I guess it was the blood and that I hadn't eaten yet.  After Mike got Molly taken care of, he helped me upstairs to draw me a bath because I didn't know if I could stand up in the shower. After he left me, I threw up the coffee I drank earlier.  Yum.

Molly carried an ice pack around for a couple hours and I lied in bed for an hour.  When he changed the BandAid later, Mike said it didn't look as bad and he thought the nail was okay. 

I hope everyone else had a much better Mother's Day than I did.  It a lot of ways mine was still good.  Molly's finger is still attached, and she's still happy and smart and beautiful.  I'm still grateful to have her and her father.  :)