Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Plodding On!

I'm still feeling uninspired and all.  But, I know from experience, that once I lose that momentum thing, I'll just give up.  I'll start us off today with a life update. 

Halloween was fun.  We went trick or treating with Molly's new cousin and two older cousins. Molly got lots of candy that I have been eating.  

Mike has been making all kinds of soap.  He bought soapedup.com, but it's not up yet. We are still in the experimental stages. Everyone seems to like the oatmeal soap. He's all excited about a craft fair coming up in April.  That should be fun. 

My mother's having an angio-gram tomorrow. I'm not sure what to think about that.  Let's see, that sounded bad.  I hope everything is alright and all, I'm just worried that it's not I guess. We shall see soon enough.  

I've gotten my yarn collection down to a more manageable size, which is good.  I took some stuff to The Infant Crisis Services and The Goodwill.  My mind feels less cluttered as a result. I've been watching Hoarders on Netflix.  I can see some of the thought processes at work in my own head, although I've done a lot of work prior to watching the show on said thought processes.  The few episodes that I watched really hit a nerve. I feel good about my own emotional progress, but it's good to be reminded sometimes of how bad things can get, unless you are the example of how bad things can get. 

I'm sorry that I couldn't attend the Return to Sanity Rally.  But I will make up for it by voting today.  You should vote too.  Vote or I will beat you over the head! (Fascist!) Yes. 

Yay for voting!

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