Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Molly and I slept until ten. I am really not in the mood.  Sorry.

My garden has mostly recovered from the hail storm.  There are bunches of blooms on everything. I'm excited again.  Only one of Molly's sunflowers survived, but it is huge now.  I haven't messed with the flower bed and the grass is growing again. Still lots of work to do.  I meant to get the etsy stuff at least started on while Mike was off and Molly was at my mom's.  We ended up going thrift store shopping instead.  Mike got a new bike to ride to work though and he is much happier I think.  
I need to make lunch.  I'm a bit irritable due to too much coffee and not enough food. 

Pictures tomorrow.  I'll work on it tonight.

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