Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I am writing this on Tuesday night. I was so tired yesterday that I went to bed at ten.  I do not remember a thing until 7:00 a.m. when I woke to the sound of a city employee banging on my door.  I had to move my car out of my driveway because the water main broke right in front of my house. 

I have gotten quite a bit on my to do list done, but not as much as I wanted, as you can tell if you were to check my etsy site.  I have plans for it.  I really, really do.   

My garden is doing pretty well.  I pick a handful of green beans every other day and after a week I have enough to steam for a meal.  Yay! Molly's sunflower is starting to flower now, but the flower is pointed to the east of course, which is the fence. :) That's why they call them sunflowers I guess. I picked three tomatoes today.  I think I am going to puree them and freeze them to make spaghetti sauce with this fall.  I read an article about that BPA stuff they put on the inside of the cans and I thought it would be good to avoid them when I can.  

I'd have taken a picture of the garden, but the batteries are dead in the camera. 

Let's try for a more productive Wednesday! Yay! 

Thus ends the month of June. 

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