Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What a Week Was Last Week

First the flooding on Monday and then got the roof replaced on Wednesday and Thursday.  As soon as the roofers left on Thursday the air conditioner stopped working again. It didn't get fixed until the next morning.  Went to visit friend Jamie on Friday.  Mike asked his dad if he could borrow his chain saw, but his dad didn't have a chain saw, so he decided to buy one.  Then he loaned it to Mike and Mike cut down most of the trees in the back yard.  Now there's a whole bunch of limbs and branches all over the back yard.  

Some of the things going on are good, some not so good.   Today, though my face is all puffy.  I guess from the allergies.  It's never done it before though and it's worrisome.   I know things aren't that bad, but I have felt like I keep getting metaphorically punched in the face for the past couple months. Can I just have a week where nothing weird happens, just stay at home (or visit Jamie-that's not weird, I do that a lot) and relax or something.  

From the mouths of babes, Molly just hugged my arm and said, "We have to be happy a lot."



  1. I think she was watching The Big Comfy Couch at the time.