Thursday, February 17, 2011

Here I Am

Okay, I know what my lack of focus and mindless Bejeweled Blitz playing is all about and I will inform my readers at a later date. But I think I have an idea of how to combat it in the days to come. I woke up with a renewed spirit today. :0)  It's amazing what  a little exercise will do for you.  

Things are looking a little brighter and the future looks exciting!  I haven't been making to do lists lately and I need to get back on that. I still have lots of ideas and Mike is working on his Soaped Up website.  On a more personal front, Molly is reading at the first level of I Can Read books.  Very proud.  It's amazing to me that she can just lay there and watch tv all morning almost every day and she's not over weight and she is super smart.   I think she must take after her father.  Although I think I was always smarter than I believed I was.  Good genes maybe.  Lucky in other words.  Future leader of the free world maybe? :0)

Anyways, lots of work to do.  Announcements to come at a later date.  Ugh! Lots of work to do!

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