Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowed In

I read an interesting blog post today about passive aggressive behavior.  I found it enlightening.   

So, I tried to clean the house yesterday while we were all snowed in, but I only got the upstairs done.  And really I fell kind of bad about how I cleaned Molly's room.  She kept laying around whining and not helping.  I got mad and put everything in garbage bags.  I warned her several times, but by that time she just kept crying.  But I have realized that maybe she needs a little more daily instruction and support.  She is only five.  So, when she gets done erasing the pencil marks off the wall she can earn one toy back.  If she can keep her room clean until next Friday, she can earn another toy back, etc.  Unfortunately, though, I have to go back through all that crap I stuck in the spare room and still get rid of a couple things.  How do they get so many toys? 

Today, I'm going to clean the downstairs and I'm probably going to have to take Molly outside in the 4 degrees F. weather, because she really wants to build a snowman. We'll see what happens with that.  

I gotta go check the faucets. 


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