Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pre-K Graduation

That's right, Molly "graduated" from Pre-K today. I got a little misty in my eyes, but it's probably because I'm pregnant.  Molly got a reading award, a math award, a citizenship award, and outstanding attendance award.  Of course, I didn't get any good pictures.  :0(  I did try.  I suck. 

And I have to mention, the three Hispanic ladies sitting behind us yapping away in Spanish during the whole thing.  It was very distracting.  (And I use the term yapping to describe their voices, not because I think all Spanish is yapping.)  It was very tempting to turn around and give them a dirty look, but I just couldn't go all the way with it.  We did finally get up and move, but they paid us no mind and kept on yapping. I guess every graduation has at least one.  :0)

I must do some dishes and get dinner started.  So much to do, so distractable. 

Yay for Kindergarten!

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