Monday, June 20, 2011

Moving On Up!

Good news first.  The baby's placenta has moved away from the cervix and will likely continue to do so resulting in no C-section.  Yay!  Good news for Father's Day this weekend.  :0)  I think we have also decided on Linus for the first name.   I'm planning on getting some blue fleece to make a blanket with so he can carry it around with him.  We still don't know about a middle name, but I thought Peach might be fun.  Teehee!

More good news.  I am now on flickr. (Username is knittingbyheather.)  I hope you have also noticed my Twitter button.  Hopefully I did that right.  I'm going to try and think up something clever to post on Twitter at some point.  Something about Wieners maybe?  No, I'm sure that's been done to death.  I have also signed up for Artfire finally.  I haven't posted anything up, but I do have plans for the week.  I will write a post about it soon.  

Here's a picture of a blanket that I did make for my boy already.  Somehow the picture came out a bit crooked.  I don't have time to be a perfectionist though!  :0)

 It's my first blanket with batting.  I did strings because I don't have the patience to actually learn how to quilt right now.  Or the time.  Maybe when Linus goes to school.  :0)

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