Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Why I Hate The Doors

Please remember when reading this that I am hardly a qualified music critic and I also haven't seen that movie, The Doors, since I was a teenager.  I may in fact not have any idea about anything.

My husband was watching a documentary on Netflix about The Doors and I made a catty comment about setting my girlfriend on fire.  Mike said that I shouldn't judge the band solely on that movie because it wasn't necessarily all factual.  So, I had to think for a minute about why I hate The Doors.

It's that they have this gimmick, this tortured artist, oh-I'm-so-weird-and-mysterious thing going on, but the music doesn't stand on it's own without the gimmick.  It's just not that good and the gimmick is bullshit.  At the tender age of thirteen (or however old I was at the time, I'm too lazy to look it up) I watched Meg Ryan walk out of a burning closet and I understood all of that somehow. It doesn't really matter to me if Jim Morrison set his girlfriend on fire or not. This scene symbolizes the idea that embodies The Doors in my mind. That idea is that everything that is good must be sacrificed for something that is, at best, mediocre.

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