Monday, May 21, 2012


I have officially gotten bored with Castleville on Facebook.  So now it's back to work.  :0)  Mike and I spent some time cleaning the back room yesterday, and I am feeling so much cleaner.  :0)  The soap shelves have been cleaned.  We've bought some lye.  Mike is taking off all next week.  Hopefully we'll get some soap made!  Among other things that we need to do.  :0)   We've been doing the family swim thing at the YMCA on Fridays.  And when I'm not sick I've done a little running at the track.  I can already tell a difference, although I haven't lost actual weight yet.  I just feel better in general.  Linus has figured out how to put his finger in his nose.  :0)
Molly is almost a kindergarten graduate!  Oh, what an adventure it has been!  

Keep Calm and Carry a Concealed Weapon!  I guess. :0)

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