Monday, April 19, 2010


    It rained allllllllll weekend, cold rain, which means I didn't get anything planted.  I did however get some plants.  My mom got me two blueberry plants and one elephant ear plant for a housewarming present. I also got some tomato and pepper plants.  I found a couple flower plants that I wanted to put in my flower  bed out front. I think I'm all ready for it to stop raining.  I have a busy week ahead of me. 
   I am so excited about the blueberry bushes!  I love blueberries!

   Molly planted her seeds that her aunt Suzen gave her for Easter.  The sunflower seeds got really big and we had to plant them.  I hope they didn't get flooded out this weekend. 

Hopefully, I will be back on Tuesday with finished pictures of the garden and flower bed.  Yay Spring!

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