Monday, April 12, 2010

The Weekend

The weekend was a good one.  Mike's sister came and got Molly Friday afternoon.  Mike and I went to see Date Night.  Very, very good, great positive message at the end, about the importance  of communication and teamwork in marital relationships.  And crazy silly in that Tina Fey and Steven Carell sort of way.  Mike's review of it will be in the Oklahoma Gazette on Wednesday! I have not gotten a sneak peek at it, so I look forward to reading it as well.  :) 

Last week I finally found a bra that fits the way I want and Saturday I went and bought two more.  It is amazing what a good bra will do for your self-esteem.  I also got to go running around on my errands by myself, which is always one of my secret joys-okay-not so secret joys.  

 Saturday we got invited to a last minute, small barbecue thing. That was fun.  Molly got to stay up until midnight, which might have something to do with the cold she seems to have acquired.  

Yesterday, I got all the laundry done, went to the grocery store, and mowed the lawn for the first time since I was about nineteen. 

Oh, I also planted one row of green beans.   I will do the potatoes tonight after dinner maybe, or tomorrow morning.  My head hurts right now.  Still need to buy tomatoes and peppers.  Yay garden!

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