Monday, August 1, 2011

Vacation is Over

School starts today.  :) and :( 
While I was away, we picked some wonderful cantaloupes in the garden.  The first one was the smallest melon I have ever seen in my life. :)

Mike made some Thai cucumber slices from a recipe he got at work.  The original recipe is for a quart jar.  You fill it with half water half vinegar and put a quarter cup of sugar in it.  Add a cut up jalapeno.  They'll keep for a couple weeks that way. The jar looked so pretty next to my cantaloupe bowl.  :0)  While I am sad about the lack of tomatoes and green beans, we are now planning our fall garden.  Mike has already planted some brusselsprouts.   As soon as I get the useless tomato and green bean plants pulled up, we plan on getting some peas, cabbage, and winter squash going.  

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