Thursday, December 16, 2010

I would like to address:

This whole Happy Holidays thing.  As someone who does not believe that a virgin can or could or ever will have a miraculous child implanted by some supreme being in the sky, I really don't care how you refer to this particular holiday.  And it is a holiday, so it should be okay for me to wish you a Happy Holiday, right? 

What does this holiday mean to me then? If I don't believe in the religious aspect of it?  Well, it is also a cultural experience.  If you have a job, most people get the day off anyway, why not spend it with people you care about. The Santa thing is kind of fun for kids.  They get some candy in their stockings, an Olivia Doll House under the tree, etc.  Why not?

If I refer to Christmas as a holiday, how does that detract from it?  I recognize that other people in my community are not celebrating Christmas, but rather some other "holiday" from their own cultural experience. I have, really no idea what Kwanza is, but if you are celebrating it, I hope you have a good one.  Isn't there some Islamic holiday going on right now as well?  I hope all of the holidays go well for everyone. This is a genuine sentiment.  Because, although I don't believe in the supernatural aspect of any religion, the strength of my convictions is not dependent on what other people believe or think about the world.  

So, I say it loud, I say it clear. (Sen. Inhoffe)

Happy Holidays!


  1. Excellently said. I've been getting tired of people being pissy about Christmas being chalked in with all the other December holidays, as well. Talk about exclusivity. Isn't that rather elitist?