Monday, July 11, 2011

Heat Wave

I only wanted to run a couple of errands on Saturday.  I wanted to go to Walmart to get a couple things I forgot at the grocery store and stop at Ross down the street to see if they'd gotten any uniforms in yet since they are significantly cheaper there than Target.  And after that, we were going a little bit farther to the Mediterranean Deli for some pastrami and muenster and hummus. Ross was the first stop on our list and after I found the couple of things I was looking for and stood in line forever behind these idiots who had no ID, we went back outside to walk to the car.  I almost threw up in the Ross parking lot.  I spent a lot of time on our excursion waiting for Molly to get in the car, buckling her seat belt for her since it was so hot and wishing I'd brought more water.  

It wasn't until later when I was watching the news that I found out  that it was 110 degrees that day.  I have no idea what the temperature was yesterday because I slept all day.  They said on the news that the heat is from La Nina, but I am still worried about the global warming thing.   110 degrees!  That's a new one on me, I think.  Our tomatoes can't make tomatoes because it's too hot.  And the green beans aren't producing anything.  The plants all look great, and we water them every night, but they can't produce the seeds. We do have lots of squash and cucumbers.

Molly's voice is especially annoying today.  I can't wait for school to start.  I know I should enjoy this last little bit of time that I have with only her, but, well, it's so damn hot.  I am buckling under the pressure.   What can I do?  I have a compost pile, I try to grow my own vegetables, I try not to drive too much, I watch my electricity usage.  I wash my Ziploc bags!  What more can I do?  I'm not a scientist, I'm not a public official, and since I'm not a Christian, no one would vote for me if I decided to become one.  I wouldn't know where to start anyway.  I think I am rambling now.  I must have a sinus headache in the making.  Yay!

Happy Monday Everyone!

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