Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vacation Time

I have made a decision today. I have two weeks left before Molly goes back to school.  I have a lot of stuff to do before the baby comes, including help my husband repaint his room.  I am going to spend the next two weeks spending time with Molly and getting my junk organized to make room for another person to live in this house. 

I have also been informed that Artfire no longer has a free account, so my plans for that site are put on hold for now.  I can't afford too much Etsy marketing, so I will put my money making plans on hold for now as well.  When I am by myself for the months of August and September, I will start again.  I know I continue to find excuses to not do what I want, but I am still plugging along.  And everyone deserves a vacation, right?  Frankly, I've just been having a hard time focusing on everything at once.  For now I will focus on my family and home.  The only thing I will be doing is mailing out any orders that I might get, so you can still buy what I already have up.  

I will be back in two weeks.


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