Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh, Sleeping Beauty!

I went out into the backyard and Sleeping Beauty was all darting out the door, so I was like, fine, I'll bring him back in in a minute.  We do let him out sometimes while we are out there, but then bring him back in. Anyway, I forgot about him.  Completely forgot about him.  That happened yesterday about four thirty or five.  And when my friend came over for dinner with her two year old, I kept thinking it was strange that our friendly cat wasn't out trying to lick the two year old or something.  After my friend left and Molly went to bed we went out to water the garden and that's when I remembered.  I know cats usually come back and I wasn't really worried, but I just wanted him to come back before Molly got out of bed.  It's her cat after all, and I lost him. I kept saying to myself, "Freerange Kitties, Freerange Kitties."

For a couple hours I felt like a very bad mom.  Like the time we forgot to go enroll Molly for Pre-K.  We just totally forgot.  Or like when I was pregnant with Molly, and I let my fish die because I was too busy throwing up and working overtime to clean his bowl out.   So, I felt real bad, and hoped I wouldn't have to tell Molly.

He was hiding in the green beans this morning, but he ran under the neighbor's house.   We had to coax him out.  And then Mike told Molly about it after she got up.  I think she's mad at me.  But she spends a lot of time being mad at me, so you know. 

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