Friday, July 1, 2011

It's the Heat!

What a waste this week has been in lots of ways.  And it seemed to last forever!  (Don't you hate people who use exclamation points?)    I got a little bit of what I want done, but just not enough.  And Molly is always lurking around waiting to attack with a hug for the baby, which was cute the first 50 times.  I think for the holiday weekend I will hide in the closet and make Mike bring me food. Lots of food. And homemade frappaccinos.  I'm sure Molly and the cats will find a way to get in with me.  If only she would let me leave her somewhere for a couple hours, but she's "afraid to do that now."  I'm not sure how to handle that.  Right now I'm allowing her space to figure it out for herself, but Jeebus!  It's summer and I have another month to go! (Stupid exclamation points!)  Anyway, hopefully the heat wave will be over soon.  I was walking through the parking lot at the grocery store yesterday and I thought, why did I want to do this now-in the hottest part of the 100+ degree day? 
I'm so thirsty! 

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend everyone!

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