Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I have terrible pop songs stuck in my head.  Mike made Molly her own file on Spotify.  At least she's not watching as much tv. I guess.  I did finally find some batteries for the camera, so I should be able to get a little work done.  I have to figure out that whole Gimp thing though, which is a long story and probably really boring.  I am super tired today because someone is teething. And I had forgotten about it and I couldn't figure out why he would sleep in my arms but scream bloody murder as soon as I put him down at one o'clock this morning.  And then he wanted to eat at five in the morning.  But here he is still beautiful.   

That's my boy!

 I know, I know.  The doctor told me already.  They don't teeth until six months.  Trust me; he's teething.  Well, I guess I will turn the Star Trek Voyager on and try to do some knitting.

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