Thursday, August 5, 2010

Deep Breath! That's It!

Okay, so.  The heat is wearing me out.  My heels are so cracked, and I can't even enjoy my Dr. Pepper with real sugar in it, because I just get so thirsty!!!!!  Enough complaining.  

I thought I'd try a slow-cooker recipe, Adobo chicken, that turned out awesome!  (I came in my pants!- OUCH! that was vulgar!)  I used split breasts instead of a whole chicken, and I think, as a result, cooked them too long, but they were like butt-ah! Well, tangy butter.  I chopped up the leftovers a couple days later and made sandwiches with mayonnaise. That was awesome too.

Taking the day off tomorrow.  Have a great weekend!

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