Monday, August 9, 2010

Meatless Monday!

I decided after reading an article on NPR to stick with the food theme from last Thursday. I don't usually pick a specific day to do it, but I have been making a vegetarian meal for dinner one night a week for awhile now. I read or heard somewhere that it's good for the environment. My husband also doesn't like to eat red meat all the time. Apparently there is a movement going on started by the guy who convinced us to squeeze Charmin so long ago. The Meatless Monday website has lots of recipes though to get you started. I think I might sit down and write out my own recipe for tofu tacos that my husband I have developed over time starting with boiled chicken breasts and substituting tofu later. Now I go back and forth. I'll get on that soon. I took the weekend off and I have so much to do!

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