Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Husband Is Awesome

After a month of crazy snow and many flat tires, Mike is riding his bike to work again.  He's also been making dinner a lot while I stand around whining about my stomach.  Last night he did some laundry.  He gave Molly a bath too, again while I complained about my stomach.  He doesn't seem to mind either.  He's not always super cheerful about it, but he doesn't complain.  And he keeps asking me what he can do for me.  Except what I'd really like to be done, can't be done, I just have to wait out the fatigue and indigestion, two things I really hate dealing with.  These are not the only reasons I love Mike, but they sure are nice.   Oh, yeah, he cleaned the house on Saturday too.

So, with Mike as my example, I will get my To Do List out and try to motivate myself just a bit.  

Thank you, My Love!



  1. You're embarrassing me in public!
    But I love you more than life itself, so that's okay :D

  2. Don't worry, no one reads it. :0)