Monday, April 18, 2011

Molly Took Her First Shower All By Herself

Molly informed me yesterday morning that she wanted to take a shower every morning and that would be "her life."  She'd just had a bath the night before so I told her to wait until today.  And she just got out.  I did help her with her hair a bit though.  :0)  Now she's going to do some yoga.

Mike has been hand milling his soap to see if it makes it better and adding shea butter to it.  So far it seems to be harder and longer lasting.  But he picked out a bunch for me to put on etsy, so guess what I'll be doing all week.  He just used the molds that he found at Hobby Lobby, but we are hoping to get some better ones later.  

I also spilled coffee all over the desk, so I think it might be time to clean up the clutter. Molly seems to think our desk is for her stuff too. 

And finally, we are the proud parents of our first green bean plant of the year, as well as our first corn plant ever.  I'm getting excited.  



  1. There's no nicer way to start the day than with a hot shower and some yoga!