Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The guy I voted for for the city council won.  I'm so glad.  Although it seems that the other three people that won were backed by the same special interest groups that Shadid's opponent was backed by. At least we got one person. Power to the people and all that.  

I am crazy about this yarn made from recycled blue jeans at SWAK.  Unfortunately, they no longer have a shop by my house, so I either have to drive to Gutherie or order online.  I hate paying for shipping, but I hate paying for gas as well.  

Some middle aged guy sent me a message on Facebook that started out, "Hey Gorgeous."  Wanted to start out friends and see from there.  I actually responded, but it was only a quick, "No thank you."   So then he sends me another message that was like, "Why?"  Do I have to spell it out?  No, I don't.  The best way to handle these things is to:  DISENGAGE.   I hope anyway.  Ewww.

I have to get my uterus measured tomorrow. I have been feeling so much better.  And I've even been getting up between 8 and 8:30 in the morning, and having trouble going to sleep.  Sleeping less, feeling better.  Yay!  I wish bras weren't so expensive.  Then I could get more and everything would be perfect. 

Molly didn't get into the Dove Science Academy, so she is very happy.  She gets to stay at her school.  I'm glad we'll still be able to walk to school, although I don't know if I'll be able to walk that early in the morning next year. I want to, but.... 

So, I have to try and start a schedule for myself. This lack of prioritizing thing isn't working for me, really.  And you know that whole "breakfast? What's that?" thing isn't working out.  Molly is, right now, drinking Orange Crush at nine thirty in the morning.  On an empty stomach.  

Got lots of work to be doing!

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