Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sale #13

Maybe my tears yesterday were actually because of my allergies and my hormonal crazy town-ness. Maybe I don't care about death at all.  Muhaha!  Or maybe it was all three.  Anyway, moving on to better and brighter things. 

I had my 13th sale on etsy.  After a year and a half!  Yay! I'm doing awesome! 

I am a bit excited though.  Of course, I'm selling Mike's soap mostly and when he gets his own website situated I probably won't have anymore sales.  Ha, ha on me! I am having a bit of fun though and it isn't that more important?

Of course it is, and now I must go get Molly at school.

I'm going to get more soap up tomorrow.  At least that's my plan.


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