Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother's Day

In some ways, Mother's Day is a little bitter sweet this year. A few weeks ago, I asked my mother to please leave me alone for a couple months in the hopes that after a break from her my head will clear a bit.  It is my intention to get to a point where I can disengage from the maddening emotional drama that I find myself embroiled in.  Emotional diversions can be tricky, but I have been feeling much more peaceful since I made my request.  

Having said all that, my parents problems are not my own, and I will make the best of my holiday.  After last year, I think I have only to go up.  :0)  Knock on wood and all that.  Molly asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day.  She suggested a Strawberry Shortcake toy.  She then whispered in my ear, "I could get another Strawberry Shortcake car, just for you."   Then she thought perhaps a new microwave, a red one.  

I have since come up with my own list.  I would like:

1.  Molly to not get injured.

2. For the baby to be okay.

3. A swimming pool, deep enough for me to tread water in so that I can get into shape for that whole child birth thing.

4. A day free of loud, crazy, child noises-"songs" included.

5. A cat that does not tear down window blinds at six o'clock in the morning, jump onto precariously balanced piles of things, stand on my tender pregnancy breasts while I'm resting on the couch, or look at me with the saddest face ever when I yell at him. 

6. The baby to kick Molly's hand. Just one time.

7. Just fifteen minutes with my love.

But mostly, motherhood has been so much more fun and wonderful than daughterhood ever was, and really I think-at least for me-just being a mom is gift enough, let alone getting the chance to do it again. 


  1. Oh my God that CAT!!! I've decided I can't yell at him anymore, because he's just too dumb to learn anything, ever. But that doesn't make his shenanigans any less annoying. Maybe we can rent him out to a circus or something and make the money back we lost on the blinds.

  2. Oh, and posting links to last year's carnage is not helping my personal campaign to live down the incident. I'm just saying :D

  3. Aww! It was an accident. But it being Mother's Day and all, I feel like I can be a little bitchy about it! :0)
    Maybe we could just give the cat to the circus!