Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Tooth Fairy Came in the Night!

After three days of drama, bribery, and threats, Molly finally pulled her loose tooth.  And then she didn't even realize she had pulled it out until I told her, it was that loose.   She got a princess tooth brush with the spinning brush, some princess dental floss, Trident layers gum, and fifty cents.  :0)

Molly also got to go to a Redhawk's game today with her school for being a good student.  I don't want to sound like a giant cliche but I can't believe Pre-K is almost done with.  (Sniff, sniff!)

I did get a pool for Mother's Day.  It seemed a bit extravagantly priced, and I didn't think we should spend that much.  But then Mike reminded me that we had postponed Christmas presents for each other this year until Valentine's Day and then didn't get presents for Valentine's Day either.  And, he suggested, while we don't have a lot of savings, it's not like before when we had no house or health insurance.  So, I said okay.  Because really it's for our health.  It just turned out to be a bit more than we thought because of the chemicals.  I don't even want to look at the water bill when it comes!

Of course, it's been too cold to swim because it's May, but that problem will soon be solved. 

Happy early Summer Everyone! 


  1. I liked how she got up before seven and then kept yelling about her toothbrush and turning it on and off while we were trying to sleep ;D

    It's like at Christmas, I look forward to her being all excited in the morning, but then when the time comes I'm so super tired I almost don't want to hear about it.

  2. Oh, god I was so tired this morning. And then she went and put her uniform on around seven thirty and demanded that I tuck her shirt in!

  3. oh how much i love little molly:D she's so funny, grammy had said something about how molly kept messing with her tooth around you and it was grossing you out:) my mom does the same. good to hear she lost a tooth and is having a great time. hope the pool is lots of fun! :)