Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Bus

My husband and I got the Mrs. Goodbee dollhouse for Molly for her birthday in November. For Christmas she got twenty dollars from one of my aunts and she decided she wanted to save it (with a little prodding from me of course) and she said she wanted to buy the camper that goes with the dollhouse. The bus costs $30, however, and I knew she'd have to earn a lot of 50 "centses." Then her Grammy Mary sent her ten dollars for Valentines Day and she only had to earn the sales tax.

Anyway, Molly and I finally went to Toys R Us yesterday and bought the bus. I was pr
oud of her for keeping the same objective for so long. I felt compelled to ask her yesterday, "Are you sure that's what you really want?" Then I realized where I had learned to second guess myself all the time. So, I didn't ask her and she played with the thing all afternoon, and again this morning.

I took pictures of her in her pjs this morning. She's been a little sassy this morning because I wouldn't let her sleep with me last night after she had a nightmare. She wanted to make funny faces. How do they make you feel so guilty? :) I can't believe how angry and joyful she can make me feel at the same times sometimes.

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