Tuesday, March 2, 2010


As I try to learn to navigate my way through the virtual world, I find websites that I find interesting and wish to share. Actually I have a long list of websites that I intend to look at in order to find ways to reach more people. There was a blog on etsy about it. However, besides the list that I copied down, I run across interesting ones that I think I should look up.

Today I took a look at a few.

Freebies4mom.com is mostly a lot of coupons. My grocery store doesn't take downloaded coupons, but I think I might be able to use a few at Target and/or Walgreens. There are also lots of links to other money saving advice blogs and there is a plethora of info. (Yes, I used the word plethora. I apologize.) There is information, also, about sweepstakes and other ways to get free things and money. This one needs further research from me when I have more time and patience.

Indiepublic.com seems to be a lot like etsy. I have joined up and I am waiting for approval. I feel a bit weird calling myself a designer, since I just use other people's patterns, but I suppose I could argue the point. There are forums, groups, articles, and the market. The market relies on bidding, so that is something I will have to look at more in order to understand how the system works. I'm sure it's like ebay, but I've never bought anything on ebay, so there you go.

ArtFire.com is also a lot like etsy. You open up a shop and sell your goods. I didn't sign up yet, saving that for when I have my other shops and my blog the way I want them and I have a larger inventory. It looks wonderful.

I went on Twitter today and a friend mentioned 43things.com. I went there and signed up, but I'm not completely sure what it is. I think you make lists of things you want to accomplish and read about other people's experiences with similar accomplishments. It seems sort of silly, but I think it might be fun.

Also if you are on Twitter, I highly recommend that you follow momlogic. I clicked on a link and read an interesting article about addiction and an even more interesting review of a book called Side by Side by Dr. Charles Sophy. It's about communicating with your daughter. I think I'd like to read it.

I like looking up fun stuff on the internet. It's not nearly so scary as I once thought.

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