Monday, March 1, 2010

Catchall Mondays

I have so much left to learn and understand about how to create a business online. I have lists and lists of stuff left to do. One mountain at a time. Each time I look up at the next mountain, I feel both overwhelmed and determined. I'm not trying to become a millionaire anyway, so I can still go at my own pace.

I would like to put more effort into my blog. I think I need to plan my days out a little more. I'm also going to try and build up my inventory of the stuff that I have already sold. I feel like I already spend all my time making stuff.

You know what though? I'm enjoying it. Indeedely deed, as Ned Flanders would say.

I just don't know when I'm going to get a chance to make my garden in the back yard. My mind is so cluttered that's what my problem is I think. And I tend to procrastinate. :)

I also need to call my friend Jamie. If you're reading this, sorry we didn't hang out again last week. I'm blaming the fever. :)

I will sit down make out a plan for the rest of the weeks blog so that they are not just random comments like this one. Another :)

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