Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I still haven't decided what I want to do with the blog, but I had to write today.

I am so excited that the president signed the health care bill. I only hope my stupid state legislature doesn't succeed in blocking it. There are so many good, good ideas in it. I admit I haven't read the thing, but I am so excited that children will not discriminated against because of pre-existing conditions. (It's all about the chillun'.)

I also have to say that after many, many emails to Mary Fallin, I find that she was not listening to me. I plan on campaigning against her with all I have. Drew Edmondson and Jeri Askins both look like good candidates, mostly because they don't spout mindless rhetoric. And actually, I emailed Mary Fallin about renewing the funding to children's nutrition programs and she emailed me back saying the issue was very important to her. But I guess children's health care is NOT important to her since she never responded to the emails about how my child needed health insurance.

I have finally reached the point in my life where I am confident that I know what is right, and while I accept that other people will have differing opinions, I fail to see how denying people access to health care for ANY reason is the "right" thing to do. Anyway, I'm glad that things are going to change. Thank you for all your hard work, Mr. President.

I will see if I can figure out where I want to go with my blog. I want to get my husband to help with the template part and stuff like that. It seems like, sometimes, that every time I have a thought it's interrupted with comments like, "I'm thirsty."

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