Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I checked out a couple websites that list craft shows. This website charges, and the price put me off a bit. Two months $37.00, a year for $127.00. Because of my lack of funds, I could only sign up for the free email list. I can only see the shows for this month. The first email arrived in my box this morning. I found it confusing, and annoying because of all the requests to become a full member. I will say, however, that there are ways to earn free membership time, but that also seems like a hassle. Perhaps I can look into this website after I make a few more sales. This website also wants money, but the $48.00 gets you 6 issues mailed to your house, which seems like a much better deal to me, but again, I can't afford it. I like that this one is free, and there is a blog where members discuss issues such as what to do about old ladies pocketing your products at the craft shows. I will definitely go back to this one to learn more.

Much more research to do. Obligatory smiley face. :)


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