Monday, March 29, 2010

A Plan

It's Monday again, and I have lots to do. :) My items on etsy are about to start expiring and I have a new plan for how I want to present my regular items. I'm a bit excited about that. I am focusing on building my inventory for the time being. I also have a few ideas for maybe doing a few craft shows here and there, which also means I need to build inventory.

Blogger sent me an email with templates on it and I picked the one I liked and I didn't even need Mike to help me. Ha, ha! Now I just need to get a haircut and take a new picture. Then I'll be all set for now I think. I've decided to try again on posting everyday. Maybe I should just take a week long break every couple of months or so.

Easter is this weekend. I'm not really religious, in the Christian sense, but we have introduced Molly to the Easter Bunny and our families like to get together off and on for the different holidays. I think though, that this year, I might make some cupcakes with jelly beans on them and have Molly decorate some eggs this week. We'll see if I get it done. :)

I have two followers now! My husband became my first follower of course, and now my friend Jamie has added me. Yay!!!!! Thanks guys. My friend Ellen also posted a comment on the Facebook that she liked my blog, so maybe people are reading it. :)

Well, I have dishes to do.

I'll be back tomorrow.

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