Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Few Links of Interest

I was watching Oprah the other day and they showed what the mass produced chickens looked like. They can't stand up for very long because they get so big from all the growth hormones that their bones can't hold them up. I found it depressing. I need to watch that Food Inc. movie.

I did a little
surfing on the Oklahoma Food Co-op website the other day. I haven't joined yet because I don't have the $51.75 to join, but I'm going to save up for it. I really want to buy some plum jelly that doesn't contain high fructose corn syrup. If you are interested in grass fed beef and free range chicken, it's a good place to go, although again, I can't afford to buy a $15 chicken at this time. I know it's worth the money; I just don't have it right now. I would love to order some organic whole wheat flour as well.

Anyway, if organic food is something you are interested in, I recommend you check out the Food Coop website. If you don't live in Oklahoma I'm sure there is a similar place to buy organic food. Remember, also that the more local your source of groceries the smaller your carbon footprint.

Also of local interest is Sealed With a Kiss. I really like this yarn store.
There are so many colors of wool at lots of different prices. There is one located in downtown Gutherie (109 e. Oklahoma) and one shop in Oklahoma City, the one I go to. It's at 31st an
d Classen. If you are unable to get to those locations you can shop online at One of their featured items is Llama Cotton Worsted that looks wonderful. Again, when I get some extra money, I'll have to go and feel it. I love cotton yarn so much.

On a lighter note, as with most fads, I'
m always a few steps behind. Some of my hipper friends on Facebook, introduced me to It can be very raunchy, but if you can stomach it and not be offended by such disrespectful humor, it's hilarious. (For Adults Only).

Also, don't forget my own website

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