Friday, February 5, 2010


Thus concludes my first week of blogging. I started it on Tuesday, because I thought I would start next week and get more organized. However on Tuesday, I thought I should just do it. I'm actually enjoying it. I am still a bit disorganized, but I think that just might be the plight of motherhood. I feel like I have ADD sometimes. I have decided it's all the noise. The television, PBSKIDS.ORG, (both going at the same time) the questions, oh the questions that four year olds ask, and of course the requests for help with butt wiping. The funny thing is I only have the one kid. I can't imagine what it would be like if we have another.
I hearted a couple of etsy shops the other day. Cute coffee cup sleeves at I don't use disposable coffee cups myself, but I thought these were cute anyhow. If I should get pregnant and have another child, I will definitely consider getting a couple organic hemp and/or wool diaper covers at

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