Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day

My husband and I don't get too crazy about Valentine's Day. We just get silly things things for each other. This year Mike out did himself with the air fresheners that he got from BlueQ.com. On the back of the Nelson Mandela one, there is an explanation that includes the sentence: "World-Renowned peacemaker, Nelson has captured his natural essence-cookies-and wants to share it with you."

The fresh vanilla scent of Obamarama is guaranteed to remove Republican odors or your money back.

Mike also got me a zippered pouch.

I checked out the website and they have lots of cool stuff and not too expensive. One of my favorite items was the Cat Butt Chewing Gum.

Molly and I bought Mike a t-shirt that has picture of all the Sesame Street Cast from Target. The caption says, "All my Homies are from the street." We've wanted to get it for him for a long time, but they never had the right size.

Of course, we also made him a cake.

All in all a good day. Hope everyone else had a good day too!

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