Monday, February 8, 2010


I have decided to designate Mondays as catchall days on my blog. I will do updates on the sales of my products and my projects. I will also add in anything that I haven't already fit in anywhere else, like links and such. My friend Jamie wants one of my scrubbie 2pks, so that is sale #1 although it is not through etsy or shophandmade. I still need to develop a banner and an avatar for etsy. I also want to do some more fancy stuff with the blog, but I'm not sure how to do all that. I'll have to experiment with different stuff.

A friend of mine wanted a reusable Swiffer sock, of whic
h she showed me two different patterns. I am currently working on this project. I think one acrylic (for the dry Swiffer) and one cotton (for the wet Swiffer) will make for a great combo. ( The other project I'm working on is my husband's socks. Hopefully, I'll get them done by Valentine's Day.

An added note to yesterday's post: My grandmother got wind of my sock making and sent me her grandmother's double point needles. My grandmoth
er hasn't used them, so she's kept them all these years in the same envelope that she received them in. I don't know my great-great grandmother's name at this time or what side the needles came from, but I'm very excited about it. The name on the envelope is my great-great grandmother's sister, I think my mother said. I need to find out about it. The needles are a bit dirty and rusty so I haven't used them yet. I'm fascinated though by the fact that they were used in 1942. I'll have to clean them up and use them.

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