Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vacation Mode

There is this thing on etsy that is called vacation mode. I haven't checked out the logistics, but I assume it is so that you can get caught up on orders and/or go on vacation, etc. The words "vacation mode" just stuck in my head until today when I decided (although the etsy shop is NOT in vacation mode) that I am going to be, if in my mind alone, in vacation mode. On Monday, I will get back on it like Shaun White gets on a half pipe. In other words, I'm not going to blog or think about making things until Monday and just take a mental breather. So I will write a few things and move on to "vacation mode."

I still have a lot to do. My friend Lisa who wanted me to make the S
wiffer sock, decided she needed two of them. She purchased them today. That makes 4 sales. Yay!

I thought I should put
up a picture of one my daughter's art projects just for fun. She got it for her birthday from my aunt Lisa (not the same Lisa as above.) I finally let her paint it a couple weeks ago. She started to run out of paint because she was covering the whole surface of each dish with paint, and it was almost time for dinner so her father did the lines on the cups. Sometimes I am overwhelmed with a feeling of tenderness towards them both. I will refrain from further sentimentality.

Will write more on Monday!
Have a good weekend!

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