Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Clean Computer

My computer is cleaned and everything is saved on an external harddrive. That was a hundred bucks down the drain just because some a-hole has to use his technological genius power for evil rather than good. I'm not sure where my pictures are, so this is another short and sweet blog.

I got on Facebook today, so I got my fix. :) I joined a group that was something like : Excuse me, but don't you realize Sarah Palin is insane? It made me laugh. She has a million fans on Facebook, wouldn't it be great if that site could get more fans? I try not to let that stuff get to me, but they keep talking about her on the news and stuff. I just want to scream, "If you'd stop doing stories on her, people would forget about her!"

I'm still working on my husband's sock, but I've started a crotchet hat with ribbon yarn. I'm very excited about it. I finished the Swiffer sock, so I'll have to post it on Facebook and see if my friend still wants it. If not, I'm sure I can use it. I made a cotton one too and tried it out. It works as good as the disposable ones at least.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have a better post.

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