Thursday, January 13, 2011

Knittingbyheather! Again

There are lots of changes afoot with the new year.  I'm doing away with the Priscaknits title.  I'm keeping it on the blog for now, but as for etsy, it is gone, gone, gone.  This also means that I had to make a new banner, which I did.  Well, I did a lot of it, and Mike did a lot of it.  You can always check it out at my etsy site as well.  :0)   I'm actually very proud of it.  I had a vision, and I managed to capture that vision.  Now I gotta do some business cards, and I'd like to come up with a tag to attach to the products.  Anywoozles, here it is:

Mike's sister owns a hair salon in Kansas and she wants to carry some of our soap, so we've got to get a box of stuff together by the twentieth.  I think I'll send some hair barrettes as well.  
So, of course, again to day...
Gotta get back to work!
I'm taking a break from blogging tomorrow, but I'll be back on Monday, hopefully with new product!

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