Monday, January 3, 2011

First Blog Entry of the 2011

So, I begin my new year of blogging with my new found sense of confidence and resilience.  I am still open to constructive criticism, of course, and I welcome all comments.  Just no bully boy bull crap!  Yay! Not that I've ever gotten any. 

My etsy sale didn't go as I hoped, but I did sell two bars of Mike's tea tree oil soap.  I'm super excited about possibly developing a follower.  =0)  Let's cross our fingers.  The cat broke my printer though, I'm afraid, so I can't print off an invoice.  (It was the old, much calmer cat, Charlie that did it this time!)  

Mike has been working on his soap formulas and we are excited about the 8 oz. blue raspberry bars that are currently curing above the oven.  I'm going to put up a couple of patchouli, melon, and pink raspberry bars on etsy this week if anyone is interested.  Molly starts back to school tomorrow and I am not going to waste my time alone anymore.  I'm so much more grateful for it now, but that's a whole other post that I probably won't ever write.  =0) 

Lots of work to do! I shall plug away with a cheerful disposition!

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