Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hump Day!

With my new found confidence in myself comes a passion like none I ever felt before. The self doubt, the inner critic---silenced!  I won't miss it. Not one bit.  I am me.  Yay!  Laugh if you want.  I can't hear you over the internet anyway.  ;0)

Mike sold some soap on ebay.  We are a bit excited.  Also if anyone is interested in season 2 of Northern Exposure, it's on auction.  His user name is aspirinkid66.

I am not much of a fashion person, but I was inspired by the middle picture at the top on this blog. Well, not the shoes, of course.  Can't do the shoes.

One set back in my life is that the yarn store near my house closed up shop.  I think I always knew this would happen, but it still came too soon.  I have had to start looking for fancy non Lion Brand yarn online.  I did find some lovely cotton, and I'm checking out the websites for stores in the surrounding states.  I have also found some lovely, lovely stuff on etsy.  Here's a good example.

I read some advice from a much more successful etsy seller.  The advice is to have at least 100 items for sale at all times and to have an etsy bill of 200 dollars every month.  So I'm enlisting all of my friends and family to help me achieve the goal of being able to afford the 200 dollar a month bill!   I don't think I'll be able to get there right away anyway, so you know do what you can.  I will be looking into giving out a coupon code soon, as well.  Thank you in advance!  And thanks for all of the emotional support!  

Patchouli Soap

OH! yeah!  I also take special requests.  It may take more time, especially if it's something I haven't done before, but email me or if you are on etsy, you can convo me.  I like to learn new things.

I'm out!

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