Thursday, January 20, 2011

School Is Canceled

I got an automated phone call at god knows what time this morning telling me that OKC schools are closed today due to the weather.  I know it was before seven.  Since I still don't like to drive on the ice when Molly is in the car, it looks like we are ICED IN!  (Sarcastic) YAY!  :0)

I didn't get a whole lot done in the business area yesterday, as I babysat for a friend and I worked on a shower gift.  But, since we are ICED IN,  today, I should be able to get lots of work done.  I do still have to finish the shower gift though.  And there is cat puke to clean up and what not.  I may have to make a No Watching Beavis and Butthead rule.  We'll see how the day progresses. 

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